About Us

Peace. Quiet. Security. Power. Calm

The company is known for its ability to tailor a comprehensive security solution to the customer according to his needs, from guarding a person's personal fortress to building a full security system for a mass event.

The uniqueness of the company is based on its quality an professionalism, which enable to suit guards to customers, both on a personal and professional level. 

The security staff is intelligent, dedicated and professional, who undergo seminars, courses, briefings and reviews on a regular basis. In addition, the security personnel undergo intensive training of the martial arts, who prepare them for the bestdefense work.

The value of customer service is the beating heart of the company, so that maintaining personal attention, reliability, privacy and discretion are the blood that flows through the company's arteries from the CEO to the last employee. 

The company has extensive experience in organizing security systems for large events and projects throughout the country, and it adapts itself to the nature of the mission and the needs of the customer
This experience also allows full availability and mission exit within a few hours. 

The company provides security services to prominent and leading companies and organizations, as well as important personalities.

Gili Bing - Founder and director Of The Company

גילי בינג, מייסד החברה ומנהלה בפועל הוא בעל ניסיון רב בתחום הביטחון והאבטחה: ”ניסיוני הביטחוני מתפרס על למעלה מעשרים שנה כלוחם ומפקד מבצעי ביחידה מובחרת בצה“ל, בוגר קורס מאבטחים אחי“ד (קורס אבטחה ממלכתי)“ ואף שירת מספר שנים במערך האבטחה הממלכתי ואבטחת שדות תעופה, שגרירויות, שרים, חברי כנסת ועוד.חברת בינג שרותים נותנת מענה, באמצעות הון אנושי מקצועי ומשובח.הניסיון והידע אותם צברה החברה, מאפשרים לאנשיה לראות את תמונת האבטחה הכוללת ולספק מענה מדויק ללקוח: החל מאבטחת אישים, דרך אבטחת בתים פרטים, וכלה באבטחת אירועים.

Personal security

through personal security guards and professional bodyguards – personal security services for public figures, businessmen and VIPs,for delegations coming from abroad to Israel, and more. In the area of ​​personal security, the goal is to protect the customer from harm and ensure his comfort and privacy and especially to prevent him from reaching dangerous situations.

Bing Services is meticulous in training and training the personal bodyguards and bodyguards in martial arts, in state exercises, the speed of the response and even the use of weapons.

Event security – in senior state events, in various prestigious events, in exhibitions, conferences, product launches, the company does not see its role as merely "guarding the doors," but rather provides comprehensive security systems.

Before the event we prepare a security file according to the customer's requirements, including: Event safety planning, stewards, guarding safes / gifts, protecting the owners' home and close accompaniment and more.

Bing Services provides maintenance services for private homes, luxury buildings, etc. Strict and protected according to the tailored program.

For every household. Despite the advanced technology in the field, it can not replace a human security guard, reliable and professional.

In order to give safety we create a security plan according to customer requirements, which includes veteran and skilled security guards, supervision, guarding and even provides consulting company

For home security such as installing alarms, installing security cameras, designing the front of the house in a manner that will not attract burglars,work at home and more